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   The Scariest Thing About Halloween

   Enjoy In-Season Produce to Save Money and Eat Healthy

   Make Your Vacation Active

   What to Know About the 2015-2020 Edition of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

   Sedentary Behavior Can Increase Risk of Developing Metabolic Syndrome

   PHIT America Act Aims to Create a Fit and Healthy America

   Featured Resource: Beth Shaw’s YogaFit, Third Edition

   Can Facebook Make You More Active? Yes!

   Featured Resource: Sit and Be Fit: Chair Exercise Basics Print CE Course, Second Edition

   Let’s Get Physical During National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

   Featured Resource: Water Exercise

   Featured Resource: Journal of Physical Activity and Health

   Eat More Whole Grains to Live Longer

   Encourage healthy habits at work

   Featured Resource: Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Continuing Education Course-2nd Edition

   Three Healthy Eating Philosophies to Help You Eat Less and Still Enjoy Your Food

   Featured Resource: Exercise for Frail Elders, Second Edition

   Tips for Healthy Living While In College

   Five steps to fitting physical activity into your busy lifestyle

   Fat-free? Low-fat? Lots of fat? It’s so confusing!

   Include others in your healthy journey

   Dairy might reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

   Recharge and replenish during your work day

   Reduce your risk during American Diabetes Month

   Feeling tired? It could affect more than your mood

   Featured Resource: The Healthy Heart Book

   Invite Dad to move more—for his health and for yours

   Featured Resource: Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Second Edition

   Making the case for physical activity

   Do you eat like an Italian?

   Featured Resource: Senior Fitness Test Software 2.0 and Manual

   Save me from the holidays!

   Featured Resource: ACSM/NSPAPPH Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist Certification Exam Preparation Course

   Featured Resource: International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP) Online Certificate Course

   More disease, more expense, more reason to find solutions

   Fitness Tools To Suit Your Style

   Featured Resource: Physical Activity and Health, Second Edition

   Women Less Likely to Get Recommended Amounts of Physical Activity

   Don’t fall into the all-or-nothing trap

   Mobile application charges users for inactivity

   Coming Soon: IAWHP Online Certificate Course

   USDA SuperTracker tool can help you reach healthy living goals

   A Healthy Lifestyle Protects Your Heart

   eLearning Tools Alone May Not Change Eating Habits

   Front-of-label packaging aids consumers in identifying healthier options

   Your commute might be killing you

   More to exercise than just managing weight

   Community Transformation Grants Now Accepting Applications

   FDA Campaign Targets Weight Loss Fraud

   Release of 2010 US Dietary Guidelines Provides Further Suggestions for Healthy Eating

   Published Studies Prove The Effectiveness of Active Living Every Day’s Behavior Change Strategies

   When it comes to physical activity, something is better than nothing

   Featured Resource: Winning Health Promotion Strategies

   Featured Resource: Energy Every Day

   Active Living Every Day Serves as the Basis for Physical Activity Intervention in People With Fibromyalgia

   The New Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

   Health and Safety Tips for the Holidays

   Many Doctors Don’t Know Blood Pressure Guidelines

   Heavier People Have Heart Attacks Earlier

   A Food Diary: An Important Self-Monitoring Tool

   United States Obesity Epidemic: Still on the Rise

   Walking a Little Can Go a Long Way

   Exercise Levels Influenced by Neighborhoods

   Metabolic Syndrome Foretells Diabetes in Elderly

   Most With High Blood Pressure Don’t Follow Recommended Diet

   Fewer Steps per Day Send Disease Markers Up

   Healthy Habits Can Mean 14 Extra Years

   Type of Restaurant Determines Tendency for Weight Gain

   Pedometers May Encourage Weight Loss

   CDC Reports Increase in Exercise by Adults

   Money Can Help People Lose Weight

   Obesity Rates Continue to Climb

   The Threat of Obesity on Emergency Services

   Updated Physical Activity Guidelines Provide More Specific Guidance

   Featured Resource: Pedometer Power: Using Pedometers in School and Community, Second Edition

   Featured Resource: Fitness Nutrition for Special Dietary Needs

   Take An Active Vacation

   Featured Resource: Water Fun

   The Power of Well-Crafted Goals

   The Power of Reframing Our Internal Conversations

   Featured Resource: Worksite Health Promotion, Second Edition

   Featured Resource: Morning Workout Series

   Featured Resource: Physical Activity and Health

   Coping With Depression Through Lifestyle Changes

   Featured Resource: Women’s Health and Fitness Guide

   Fit for a Lifetime

   How Do I Eat Healthfully on Vacation?

   Sport Psychology Class Experiences Active Living Every Day

   National Bike Month and Bike-to-Work Day

   Spring for the Season's Best Fruits and Vegetables

   Active for Life Featured in Cincinnati-Area TV story

   Breaking Down Barriers

   Resolve to Reach Your Health Goals

   Lack of Time and Energy Keep Women From Being Active

   Give the Gift of Health and Fun

   Protect Against Diabetes With Healthy Habits

   Make Healthy Choices to Reduce Cancer Risks

   Enjoy Fall Fruits and Vegetables

   5 A Day for Better Health

   Every US State Fails to Meet Obesity Goal

   Health Spending for Obesity Increases Tenfold

   Busting Through Barriers to Healthy Eating

   Encourage Healthy Eating Habits With Behavioral Interventions

   Physical Activity at Work Means More Productive Employees

   Health Benefits of Physical Activity Lead to Fewer Doctor and Hospital Visits

   Study Verifies that Less Physical Activity Means More Healthcare Costs

   Study Indicates Physical Activity May Help Reduce Mental Decline in Older Women

   Casual Clothing at Work Affects Physical Activity

   Fit versus Fat: The Debate Continues

   Short Bouts of Physical Activity Reduce Fat in the Bloodstream After Meals

   New Study Finds Link Between Time in the Car and Obesity

   Walk for the Health of It

   Physical Activity Can Reduce Employers’ Health Care Costs

   Active Women Less Likely to Be Obese, Have Decreased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

   Get Active at Work

   Life Without TV

   National Walk to Work Day: Friday, April 2

   Behavior Change Programs Strongly Recommended to Increase Physical Activity

   Physical Inactivity and Poor Diet May Soon Overtake Tobacco as Leading Actual Cause of Death

   Recent Study Links Physical Activity in Amish Community to Low Rates of Obesity

   Most Common Exercise Myths

   New research reinforces message of TV-Turnoff week

   Make Your New Year an Active One

   You Can Do It!

   Are You Ready?

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