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Importance of Walking for Health Gets Support From New U.S. National Physical Activity Plan

A revised National Physical Activity Plan was released in April 2016 to replace the original plan set forth in 2010. With recommendations at the national, state, local, and institutional levels, the plan focuses on strategies for increasing the types and amounts of physical activity as recommended by current public health guidelines.

Across the nine societal sectors outlined in the plan—including business, public health, education, faith-based, and community recreation—an alliance of private and nonprofit partners is tasked with launching physical activity campaigns and promoting evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity among other directives. One common theme is to get people walking because it is a low-cost, nonintimidating form of physical activity that is appropriate for most people.

Campaigns such as Every Body Walk! and America Walks offer resources, articles, videos, directories of partner organizations, and many other tools that can help individuals, groups, and businesses to implement walking programs and related initiatives. Here are some ideas to encourage walking. For more ideas on making daily movement such as walking part of a healthy lifestyle, check out Active Living Every Day. The program teaches you how to evaluate your challenges to being active, come up with options for moving more, and ensure that physical activity every day is the norm for you rather than the exception. You can learn more at, send an e-mail to, or call 800-747-4457.

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