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Active Living Partners courses are designed to empower people to make health-enhancing lifestyle changes in ways that work for them. Our programs are all based on proven behavior change models and can be delivered in a variety of ways that match each participant's learning style, readiness to change, self-confidence, and lifestyle. Participants are supported through learning activities, online assessments, books, group interaction, and individual guidance. The following describes our current course offerings.

Active Living Every Day

Active Living Every Day, our cornerstone course, focuses on helping sedentary people become and stay physically active-for a lifetime. Developed by the renowned Cooper Institute, Active Living Every Day is being used by adults of all ages and by a variety of organizations such as worksites, hospitals, community health programs and colleges, and senior residences. This evidence-based course uses established behavior change models such as the stages of readiness to change to empower people to overcome their barriers to physical activity. Participants find ways to fit physical activity into their daily lives and maintain active lifestyles even when difficult life situations arise.

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Healthy Eating Every Day

Healthy Eating Every Day, our newest course, helps people establish a balanced and healthy approach to eating. This course presents a sensible and realistic way of eating that is in line with and complements the new USDA Nutrition Guidelines. Created in cooperation with The Cooper Institute, Healthy Eating Every Day uses an evidence-based, cognitive behavioral approach to helping people change their diets. Participants learn how to identify the reasons for their poor eating choices and acquire the lifestyle-management skills they need to improve their eating permanently. To preview portions of the Healthy Eating Every Day program, click on the links below.

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